Our World Family

Not only does #UsGotUs …We GOT each other.  OurKinship recognizes we are our priority.  Why? Because racism exists in America and across the globe, and systematic racism is structured to oppress us and devalues our lives. Our very existence is threatened.  We need to save ourselves from this and we need to heal.  We will make this a better world for African Americans by #SavingOurselves and we invite all peoples to join us in making this a better world for every living being in our global community.

OurKinship is not us disengaging as a race from others.  We recognize that race is a social construct and we are part of the global family.  Our efforts to uplift the black community is not done in isolation. When black people and people of color rise and thrive, it is indubitable that all people will rise up too. We are all human and essentially, we are more alike than we are different.  Skin color, eye color, hair texture etc., are trivial differences, but has been used to justify putting humans in “racial” groups to support superiority. Our DNA is 99.9% the same and historically all of our ancestors are black. At the end of the day we include everyone as our family, regardless of skin color, religion, or abilities. Reconciliation and healing does not happen without moving forward together.

We ask all of you (every “race”), to move forward together with us and take care of those in need, especially the poor, children, the vulnerable…and even our environment and animals.

We, at OurKinship, want to provide a platform for information, to stimulate conversation and to spark action. Let’s get to work, together.  Visit our action network at blachaxs.com