What is a family?

OurKinship adopts the ideals of a family unit because an exemplar family:  


…loves each other

…says “I love you” and speaks to each other in kindness

…. shows love with outward signs of affection

…supports and takes care of each other with their money, time, and resources

…. uplifts each other and corrects each other with love, and not with disparaging words or insults

…. teaches and supports the education of its family members





…. desires to spend time with each other and breaks bread together

…. does not physically abuse each other or kill each other with weapons or with the poison of illicit drugs

…. forgives each other

…. are always there for each other, even when friends desert, family is there thick or thin

…. celebrates their likeness and are proud of the physical traits that authenticate “that they are kin to each other”

…. supports each other’s dreams, pursuits, businesses.


We want to provide a platform for information, to stimulate conversation and to spark action. What would you add to our family list?