It is said that no one can take your education or what you have learned away from you. Having an education, whether formal or informal, brings a natural and lasting change in reasoning and ability to achieve goals.  The language and vernacular we use with each other and having common goals creates stronger ties.  But, as black people, and especially in the peer groups of black children, we need to remove barriers within our community that disparagingly use terms like   “acting white or talking white   or being accused of deviating from our black identity when we strive  for academic achievement or speak “standard English”.


For our children, education should be a priority. Yes, sports have been a means of wealth for a few of us.  But, even with rich black entertainers and athletes, it has not increased the overall generational wealth in the black community, nor lifted the average income of the African American community.


We want to provide a platform for information, to stimulate conversation and to spark action. How does education create unity?  Is education the key for destroying the effects of white supremacy?